One Productivity Tip to Rule Them All / by Chris Foley

Vince Coley’s Productive With a Purpose is developing into one of the most unconventional and useful new productivity blogs I’ve seen in a while. His most recent post arises from a project to encapsulate the entirety of productivity information from the internet (anyone else been down that rabbit hole?) into simple categories:

My first big ah ha moment struck when I realized that every Productivity Tip I came across fell into one of three buckets.  I call these “The Three Buckets of Productivity”:

- Care for your MIND & BODY (… so you can experience intense Clarity)

- Establish a TRUSTED PRODUCTIVITY SYSTEM (… so you can enjoy endless Focus)

- Prioritize what’s TRULY IMPORTANT (… so you can make a lasting Impact)

Vince’s next step was to encapsulate all three buckets into one über-statement:

When you wake up in the morning: drink a glass of water (clarity), plan your day (focus) and do the most important thing first (impact).

What I find particularly notable (and trustworthy!) about Productive With a Purpose is that Vince doesn’t appear to be selling a product, but merely documenting his productivity journey and systems. My favorite post is Be a Pebble Snatching, Productivity Fu Master, which outlines the best GTD implementation of Things 3 that I’ve seen.