Emily Wells feat. Metropolis Ensemble - Stay Up / by Chris Foley

Emily Wells is a New York-based violinist, producer, and singer. In her own words:

My work bridges pop and chamber music and explores concepts around human relation to the natural world rooted in a love for both. I am interested in the ways performance and recordings influence one another and I work in both realms. At times I perform solo utilizing multiple instruments on stage (violin, synth, acoustic/electronic drums, voice), and at other times I perform with small orchestral ensembles. My work also interacts with my video practice through projection at performances which intersects imagery of contemporary dance, extreme weather and effects of climate crisis as well as protest footage from ACT UP.

Metropolis Ensemble has a unique process and dynamic not unlike those found in contemporary theatre and dance:

Metropolis Ensemble through its unique collaborative process, exists to support ascending contemporary classical performers and composers, often engaging them with other bleeding-edge cultural innovators and artists. Metropolis Ensemble events result through intense small group collaborations between its Resident Artists, Composers, and Artistic Director Andrew Cyr. These collaborations start with the initial conceptualization and don’t end until the last performance.

An agile, evolving collective of composers and performers, Metropolis Ensemble thrives in a state of creative flux. Resident Artists and Composers rotate in and out and eventually become Alumni; new talent is constantly brought in; every presentation’s concept and many venues are different; and most of Metropolis Ensemble’s music is new.

You can see Emily with the Metropolis Ensemble on Thursday, February 28th at House of Yes in Brooklyn. Here’s Stay Up from their upcoming album The World is Too ______ for You:

Also check out Emily and friends live in the studio on New Sounds.